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Looking for clarity and quality in your educational program? Alpha provides classroom management covering peer-reviewed, field-tested standards. Additionally, formative and summative assessments that offer both a current snapshot as well as an overall view of student achievement and mastery are provided. Current data is communicated via individual and group reporting documentation, and the ability to place students in appropriate learning modules is available upon student completion of the formative/diagnostic process. Individual and group reporting is available that will provide insight to initial placement and growth.

Students complete module assignments and criterion referenced tests (summative assessments) are available to measure proficiency pertaining to those module standards. As students achieve mastery, they will continue their learning path to the next module.

Don't wait for periodic assessments and delayed results. Up-to-date, data driven decisions can be achieved on a daily basis.


Learning Resources include 5 basic mathematical components: Number & Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data & Probability, and pre-Algebra. Below are standards for each:

Number & Operation Standards

Measurement Standards

Geometry Standards

Data & Probability Standards

Pre-Algebra Standards

Fordham Institute Math Review

Alpha II continues to uphold its quality standards to ensure students obtain mastery knowledge of the particular subject. Alpha II math standards received a 3/3 score for clarity and specificity as well as an A-rating from the Fordham Institute Review.

Full Fordham Review

Dollar and Cents

Pages Description
Pages 1-21
DEC309 - Representing money in decimal form.
Pages 22-33 DEC311 - Dollars and coins to $x.xx (No regrouping cents to dollars)
Pages 34-57

DEC312 - Dollars and coins to $x.xx (Regrouping cents to dollars)

Pages 58-73 DEC313 - Addition (Regroup) and Subtraction (no Regrouping) of $x.xx

- Spiral bound book with cover.
- CD
- Digital Download
- Answer Key (Teacher Edition)

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