Student and Teacher Testimonials

Here is a list of student and teacher responses, when asked how they felt about Alpha II Learning Systems Program:

Sherri Reed - Title I Math Teacher
Parkside Middle School - Jackson Public School

"Had great success implementing the Alpha II program and assisting my students to achieve impressive NWEA gains!"

2013 - 2014 NWEA Pre and Post Gains
- 1st Trimester
- 2nd Trimester
- 3rd Trimester

"Alpha II has helped me because it shows things that I know, and I can go at my own pace rather than having the whole class trying to learn the same thing when not everyone understands it. I wish Alpha II would have been at my last school because I might have done better. I think that when you have a group of kids with all different learning abilities, that’s the way to teach them.” - Donny, 18

“It’s a very good program.” - Ashley, 16

“I think Alpha is a good tool to help you with your English. It has helped me because it focused on what I needed to work on, and the lessons weren’t too difficult. If you want to learn, if you want to do well, this program will help you.” - Elise, 16

“Alpha II has helped me out a lot. I do enjoy it because it’s easy for me. I think it’s a great program for Alternative Ed students.” - Chris, 17

“I think the Alpha program has helped me because it has some vocabulary words I don’t really know yet. I really don’t enjoy it, but I have a feeling that I will be seeing these words again. I do think that it is a great reading program for not only alternative ed. students, but for every student as well. The Alpha program can help us all in the long-run.” - Robert, 16

“Alpha II has helped me. The SRA has especially helped me learn what to look for and how to pay better attention while reading. I don’t enjoy it; however I do like it more than most other class work. It isn’t too easy or hard because the first test put me at the level I should be for each section. I think it would be a good program for all schools.” - Bryan, 17

“Alpha has helped me to take my time to read material and to understand the material better while I read it. I enjoy it because it refreshes my English skills. I think that Alpha sometimes can be easy (not too easy, though), but also it can be hard. This only shows where I need to touch up my skills. It also shows me what I completely understand. I think this is an excellent program for all students because it teaches them discipline in reading and comprehension.” - Kelly, 19

“It has helped me a lot because I can go at my own pace and not get behind. I enjoy it sometimes when I do something new. It’s not the same thing every time. I think it’s a very good program for alternative ed. Students because they are here because they didn’t get help they needed at a regular school.” - Heather 16