Alpha II Learning Systems

Providing teachers and students with classroom management solutions.

Skills-based system that enables teachers to meet individual student needs. Students are placed in the program at an appropriate instructional level. Because the goal of every educational system is to increase students' knowledge, evaluation must be an ongoing process.

The original Alpha program was created to draw from sound management models and design a practical set of learning programs that would bring together students, teachers, administrators, and parents. The specific mission was to design an operational program that focused on the immediate needs of students using proven management system principles. Alpha acquired hundreds of years of past research and development from the people it hired. Alpha employees came from a wide range of backgrounds (education, community systems, system engineers, psychology, economics, etc.).

  • Teachers

    List of all instructors.  Students and groups can be assigned to teacher.

  • Diagnostic and Mastery Tests

    Allows for manual entry, student log-in, and scan test card via optical mark reader.

  • Students

    Ability to add, select, edit, and delete student information.  Assign students to specific groups and teachers.

  • Prescription Modules

    Entry of student learning units.  Detailed listing of learning resources that cover specific objectives/standards.

  • Groups

    Specific information about each group (e.g. hour, class title, etc.).  This information will appear on group reports.

  • Reports

    Multiple options by student, teacher, and group.  Detailed information provided about student placement, growth, and mastery test evaluation.

Alpha II uses methods that have proven successful with students of all levels. Success breeds self-esteem. Watch your students achieve, many for the first time, because they are able to move at their own pace, one lesson at a time.

Alpha II staff is available to provide software installation and navigational training.  Follow-up visits are encouraged to ensure staff and students are receiving maximum benefits.  Pricing is determined by travel costs, number of days on site.