Effective Classroom Management

Alpha II is a standards-based classroom management system. This system enables teachers to meet the individual student needs of all chronological ages in K-8 Math levels and 1st through 9th reading levels. It has been proven to be successful in elementary through Adult Education environments.

Students are placed at their developmental levels, assuring they will neither feel threatened, nor bored by assignments.

They will enjoy a comfort level designed to create an atmosphere for daily success. Success becomes a common classroom theme. Students realize they are empowered and capable of achieving higher academic goals.

Students no longer feel overwhelmed by assignments and find their daily classroom experience to be rewarding. Success is achieved through collaboration with the instructor, student, and Alpha II Learning Systems.

Since 1969, Alpha II has been working directly with schools to address the wide range of student needs. A research-based management system, as well as classroom resources, is essential to any successful program. Alpha II has a proven record of success. An accumulation of data and testimonials spanning four decades provides evidence that Alpha II Learning Systems is an effective classroom management system.

Alpha II Managment System Includes:

  • Diagnostics

    Diagnostic tests determine student entry level skills and deficiencies, while simultaneously informing the instructor of objectives already mastered and outlining prerequisite skills for non-mastered areas. Diagnostics enable appropriate and realistic placement in prescribed areas.

  • Prescriptions

    Specific standards-based prescriptions are sequenced in small-step assignments that prove to be less threatening to students. The instructional materials listed within student prescriptions are included in each Alpha II program, eliminating the need for staff to search for aligned resources. The prescriptions do not restrict the educator from adding materials or instructional presentations, but act as a medium for staff input.

  • Instructional Resources

    The resources include a comprehensive reading library from multi-level & multi-publisher materials.

    Math includes: Number & Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data & Probability, and pre-Algebra.

    Customization is available to add desired curriculum, resources, and tests.

  • Management

    Management is achieved with the Alpha II software application. The database manages student progress and records, determines prerequisite skills and furnishes students with appropriate objective-based prescriptions. The software scores and records criterion-referenced tests, while providing objective mastery reports. The software updates student records for prescriptive and tracking purposes and can be easily adapted to meet changing curriculum needs.

  • Evaluations

    Evaluation is an ongoing process. Students' daily assignments are evaluated and require a minimum score fo 80% for mastery. Criterion reference tests provide module mastery evaluation. These CRTs align to every objective taught within the prescription. These tests serve to measure long term attainment of objectives, skills, and concepts.

  • Staff Training

    Alpha II provides essential instructional, management, and technical assistance to ensure staff and student success.